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Bra Sizing and fitting

Measuring Yourself - PLEASE USE AS A GUIDE ONLY
It is important to note that bra styles and differing fabrics contribute to size differences.
If you are confident that you are wearing the correct size then we advise that you purchase the size you are most comfortable wearing.
Follow the simple steps below, preferably with a friend to take the measurements, as this will make the process much easier and more accurate. Remove clothing before taking measurements but always keep a bra on whilst measuring. A non padded bra gives a more accurate measurement.

Under Bust: Place the tape round the body, directly under the bust, ensuring that the tape is level at the back and pulled firmly. Record measurement in inches. If the underbust measurement is an even number then add 4 inches, if the underbust measurement is an odd number, then add 5 inches.

Top Bust: Place the tape around the fullest part of the bust, ensuring that the tape is level around the back. Record measurement in inches.

The difference between the final underbust measurement and the top bust measurement gives an indication of your cup size.
  • a 1" difference is an A cup
  • a 2" difference is a B cup
  • a 3" difference is a C cup
  • a 4" difference is a D cup
  • a 5" difference is a DD cup
  • a 6" difference is an E cup
  • a 7" difference is an F cup
Size Conversions for Bras
AU USA & UK Euro
08 30 65
10 32 70
12 34 75
14 36 80
16 38 85
18 40 90
20 42 95
22 44 100
24 46 105
26 48 110
28 50 115
30 52 120
32 54 125
34 56 130
How to put a bra on correctly

Place your arms through the bra straps and lean forward, allowing the bust to fall into the cups

  • Fasten the back clip at the centre hook position
  • Stand up straight, place hands inside the bra cups and adjust bust as necessary until comfortable
  • Adjust the back back clip, tighter or looser as required
  • Adjust the straps so that they feel comfortable but firm. If the straps drag the bra cups up and distort the shape of the bra, then they are too tight
How to ensure your bra is the correct fit
  • If the underbust band is cutting into the flesh, then the underbust size is too small
  • If the underwire digs into the breast tissue at the underarm or any breast tissue bulges over or around the sides of the cup, this means that the cup size is too small
  • Any puckering of the bra cup suggests that the cup is too big
  • If the back of the bra rides up and does not sit horiziontally across the back in line with the bust, this means that the underbust is too big


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